About us

Trend Diabetes, originally known as TREND-UK, is an award-winning organisation relaunched in 2019 to allow any healthcare professional, interested in diabetes care, from around the world to benefit from access to our educational resources. We now have over 21000 members from the UK and many other countries around the world.

Our resources are available in various mediums such as leaflets, in-details documents, podcasts, webinars, power point presentations and many more so take a look at www.trenddiabetes.online

Trend Diabetes has a core committee of two co-chairs who share a wealth of experience encompassing primary, intermediate and secondary care working. Both Debbie Hicks and June James recently retired from clinical practice with a collective 95 years’ service to the NHS. They continue to lead the development and innovation within Trend Diabetes.

Trend Diabetes is supported by a clinically active committee with expertise in practice nursing, community diabetes nursing and specialist in-patient diabetes nursing. We also have advisors from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to keep us up to date with regional variations and innovations. Trend Diabetes recognises the importance of excellent physical care but also the importance of excellent psychological care for people living with diabetes, therefore, we value having access to a Psychologist advisor.

Our information leaflets are available to people with diabetes.

TREND Diabetes Bursary

The bursary is awarded twice a year: at the end of January and the end of July. To ensure we can support a number of applicants, the maximum amount given to any individual will be £250. To apply for our bursary log in and complete the form.

Meet our team

TREND Diabetes has a core committee of two co-chairs. They are supported by associates and advisors representing practice nursing, community diabetes services and pregnancy, in-patient nursing, district nursing and diabetes nursing.

Debbie Hicks

Trend Diabetes Co-Chair

June James

Trend Diabetes Co-Chair

Erica Richardson

Trend Diabetes Associate, Academic Lead/Intermediate Care

Debbie Voigt

External Scottish Advisor

Lisa King

External Northern Ireland Advisor

Sam Calder

Trend Diabetes Advisor, Specialist Practice Nurse, Primary Care Lead

Anne McDermott

Trend Diabetes Advisor, Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team Leader, Intermediate Care Lead

Ravinder Dosanjh

Trend Diabetes Advisor & Lead Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Welsh Advisor

Anne Currie

Trend Diabetes Committee Member & Lead Nurse

Elizabeth Camfield

Trend Diabetes Committee Member & Senior Diabetes Nurse Specialist

Lesley Mills

Consultant Nurse in Diabetes, Warrington