Julie Anne Lewis




Julie Anne Lewis

Nurse Consultant


My name is Julie Lewis and I am a Primary Care Diabetes Nurse Consultant working in North Wales.

I have been fortunate in my nursing career, experiencing all aspects of diabetes across a range of healthcare settings. I have held research, clinical and strategic roles, so have a comprehensive appreciation of service planning, quality improvement and clinical developments.

My background in diabetes spans from 2002 in research, then as a DSN in acute and community. For five years I was the diabetes clinical lead in North Wales and amongst other developments, I created locality based diabetes multi-disciplinary teams, incorporated Quality Improvement into DSN job planning, standardised access to structured diabetes education programmes; promoted successful business plans for clinical psychology and point of care testing.

Now, in my role as primary care nurse consultant, my main clinical focus remains diabetes, and am embracing the opportunity to offer a fully nurse led primary care diabetes service, offering access to expert diabetes consultancy much earlier than would be expected through a traditional specialist pathway of care.

I am a professional nursing advocate and am keen to demonstrate the true capabilities Nursing has to offer in a rapidly changing NHS. I have worked with clinical experts and academic colleagues to secure national approval of the career progression framework for diabetes specialist nursing and helped to establish the Wales Academy for Nursing in Diabetes (WAND). I am an active participant on the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group and the Diabetes National Specialist Advisory Group for Wales.

I enjoy teaching and contribute to RCGP trainee education and Wales pharmacy updates. I have recently established a specialist advisory forum to integrate specialist and primary care nurses in meaningful education facilitated through University of Wales, Bangor. We currently offer monthly virtual bite-sized learning for primary care long term condition management. I deliver DAFNE and have peer reviewed new DAFNE educators across the UK.  I lead modules for Swansea University’s diabetes online MSc. programme.

I joined the Primary Care Diabetes Society (PCDS) committee in 2019 and have enjoyed delivering and chairing sessions in the Welsh PCDS conference. I am also delighted to have been invited to represent DSN’s in Wales on the TREND-UK committee.