Resources to help support nurses amid coronavirus pandemic

Trend Diabetes has pulled together some resources to help you and people with diabetes through these rapidly-changing times.

The Trend Diabetes sick-day rules leaflets for type 1 and 2 diabetes have been revised in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The documents and have been fully updated with the latest clinical guidance. The leaflets are aimed at people with diabetes.

Both leaflets cover general guidance, how illness affects glucose levels, looking after yourself, what to eat and drink and when to seek help. 

We have also published a special edition coronavirus newsletter, to read it click here.

Our colleagues at the Leicester Diabetes Centre (LDC) have created a bank of videos, information, resources and publications. Topics that are included are:

  • How to stay safe
  • Symptoms of the Coronavirus
  • What to do if you have the symptom, and how to seek medical advice
  • Get your questions answered by the Leicester InPatient Diabetes Team
  • Access to the Leicester Diabetes Specialist helpline
  • Watch video of checking blood glucose and injecting insulin correctly
  • Tips for working from home
  • Advice on social distancing and self-isolation
  • How diabetes could be affected by the Coronavirus
  • How to protect mental health
  • Access to a digital version of DESMOND, a type 2 diabetes structured educational programme.
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