Trend releases updated sick-day rules leaflets

The TREND-UK sick-day rules leaflets for type 1 and 2 diabetes have been revised in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The documents ‘Type 1 diabetes: What to do when you are ill’ and ‘Type 2 diabetes: What to do when you are ill’ have been fully updated with the latest clinical guidance. The leaflets are aimed at people with diabetes.

The changes reflect the JBDS guidance Diabetes at the Front Door published in January 2020, which advises anyone with diabetes who is clinically unwell to have a ketone test and in type 1 diabetes this should be a blood ketone test to determine the risk of DKA.

Both leaflets cover general guidance, how illness affects glucose levels, looking after yourself, what to eat and drink and when to seek help.

The type 1 diabetes leaflet includes managing your insulin and being prepared, while the type 2 diabetes publication has a section on managing your medication and, or, insulin.

Nurse Consultant Debbie Hicks, TREND-UK co-founder, said: “Everyone has days when they are not well. If you have diabetes, being unwell can affect your glucose control so it is important that you know how to manage this.”

Fellow co-founder and Nurse Consultant June James added: “Being unwell therefore usually makes your glucose levels rise, even if you are eating less than usual. It is possible to manage your diabetes effectively during illness and keep your glucose levels in or near to target by following the simple advice given in this leaflet. These leaflets will give people essential information on what to do when they are ill.”

Download the leaflets now by clicking on the links below:

The content of both leaflets was generated independently by TREND-UK. Printing and distribution for the type 1 leaflet was funded by Novo Nordisk. Printing and distribution for the type 2 leaflet was funded by Napp. Napp has reviewed the content for factual accuracy only. Both leaflets will be available to order from you local representatives.


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