Elizabeth Camfield

Trend Diabetes Committee Member & Senior Diabetes Nurse Specialist


Elizabeth Camfield is a senior diabetes nurse specialist at Guys & St Thomas’ teaching hospital in London. With over 20 years’ experience across the acute and community setting, now leads a multidisciplinary inpatient service for 900 beds across two large hospital sites. Referral for this service can range from Insulin education for the newly diagnosed to specialist guidance for end stage disease management.

Elizabeth has facilitated collaborative care planning training for general practice with the Health Foundation and recently completed a diabetes pathway for emergency care, with a national programme Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT). She is one of the committee members of the JBDS for Inpatient care and facilitates a rotational programme for diabetes specialist nurses new to the profession at Guys & St Thomas’ hospital. Her main interest at Guys & St Thomas’ is diabetes education for the non-specialist, collaborative care planning for patients with advanced complications and perioperative diabetes care within a tertiary centre.